Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mempolitikkan agama

Aku benci org yg mempolitikkan agama.

apa maksudnya?

lihat antara jawapan mereka yang beragama Islam.

  1. Dilarang bagi non-muslim membaca ayat suci Al-Quran
  2. Dilarang bagi non-muslim masuk masjid
  3. Dilarang mendapat duit dari kerajaan yang bersumberkan judi
  4. Dilarang bagi non muslim menggunakan nama Allah
  5. Dilarang mendoakan non-muslim
Ya, semua larangan ini salah sama sekali.


1) bacaan Al-Quran
Abu Jahal dahulu pon membaca ayat suci Al-Quran. Malangnya kita hanya melarang apabila non muslim membaca bahasa arab. tetapi sekiranya dia membaca terjemahan bahasa melayu. ianya tak mengapa. pelik bukan?
sedangkan arab atau melayu adalah bahasa. sedangkan isinya sama.

2) masuk masjid
Arab badwi pernah kencing di masjid nabi, dan nabi tak menghalaunya.
Arab pernah dijemput ke masjid nabi utk belajar tentang islam
etc.. terlalu banyak

3) Duit dari sumber judi
ianya adalah persoalan tanggungjawab dan hukum wajib bagi kerajaan memberi wang kepada rakyat. hukum yang sama kepada mereka yg ingin membayar hutang dan juga pemberian nafkah.

jika seseorang berhutang, dan membayar hutang tersebut dgn duit judi, si pemiutang boleh menerima wang tersebut, meskipun ianya dari sumber yg haram. kerana hukum wajib bagi si peminjam utk mengembalikan wang tersebut.

perbuatan haram dan dosa tersebut jatuh kepada si peminjam.

kerana menurut ijmak ulama, jika secara logiknya, si peminjam ingin membayar dgn duit judi, tapi si pemiutang tak mahu menerima, maka si pemiutang takkan dapat duit hutang tersebut sampai bila2. logik kan?

member nak bayar, kita bising2 tu duit judi, smpai bila pon kita takkan dapat duit tu. kita ambil wang tu dan WAJIB kita menegur supaya perbuatan member yg berjudi tu dihentikan.

4) Guna nama Allah..
isu terlalu lapuk... tapi Sheikh Yusuf Qardhawi jawab simple je. "Siapa nama ayah nabi? Abdullah (hamba kpd Allah). "

adakah ayah nabi beragama islam? tidak. adakah salah? jika salah, sudah tentu Nabi menegaskannya.

5) Doakan non-muslim
Ingat tak kisah nabi mendoakan agar Omar Al-khattab masuk Islam?
Ingat tak kisah nabi doakan agar Ayah saudaranya masuk Islam?
Nabi buat salahkah? tolonglah. jangan. jadi. bodoh.

Kalo ye pon diri kita benci seseorang, jgn kita kata agama kita membenci mereka.
Kalo ye pon nak menang pilihanraya, jangan lah cakap tentang agama ikut rasa di dada
Kalau ye pon berhujah, jangan ikut akal buta, Quran dan Sunnah kan ada?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Female Genital Circumscision

I was totally sad when my anatomy professor misunderstood our circumcision in Islam for female. it was quite unacceptable when he described that Islam's way of circumcision is similar to the one that had been done in Africa. But, i know that he doesn't understand a thing and it was not his fault. and i must admit that it was my fault for not knowing the detail of Islamic circumcision and correct him in the first place.

In this post I won't talk about whether it is sunnah or fardh for female circumcision. I will emphasise on what differs between Islam and those that were done in Africa (which has been labelled by the westerners as cruel and child/woman abuse).

These are the types of circumcision done by some tribes in africa

I've asked this question to my mother and she said that. compared to Islam, only a very small proportion of the prepuce of clitoris is cut off. thus, it will not bring any harm to the woman during intercourse. 

From the image that you can see in the link above, you should get some kind of idea and the differences between Islamic circumcision and the ones that had been done by some uncivilized tribe. the harsh and ridiculous types of circumcision will sure bring harm to the woman. during intercourse especially, the scar can be torn and plus the nerve that circulates at the clitoris (dorsal nerve of clitoris) will surely damaged. so, if you hear any criticism about Islam abuses woman, than you will know what to say =)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Indie Lovers

For a music lovers like me, i do enjoy musics but also the LYRICS.. for me, a good song is how they can combine a poem with musical instrument. this is a difference between song and poem. If you asked me what is my favourite genre, well.. it varies. but what i can tell is that, I'm an Independent Bands lover. 

why independent bands?

because they are young and they have a true teenager's soul which like to rebels and have high spirit in doing something they like. Independent bands doesn't rely on others to publish their song. and they don't really chase for fame or money. they just wanted to be heard and express their rebellious souls. 

Indie Lovers= Gig lovers??

No! totally not. I'm a muslim, i do like music but don't like concerts. its enough for me just to hear the song, and evaluate it. 

Well enough for the explanation.. let's go to the music review. 

For this week, the song Spastik Primat by Garaa Band.

my music player in this blog is at the bottom of this page. the song that is currently playing while you are reading this is most probably Revolusi by Bunkface. press the forward button on the cassete to listen to Spastik Primat. Please, hayati la lirik die.. ade maksud yang mendalam =)

Langkah megah meludah segala di depannya
Membesarkan pingat yang sementara
Segala ingin kau miliki
Yang lemah kau tak peduli
Hitam hati

Kau rasa kau tinggi
Kau megah berdiri
Apakah kau pasti
Dirimu akan kekal abadi

Mengapa membezakan antara kita semua
Kita manusia asalnya cahaya sama
Diperdayakan dunia

Kita dijadikan bukan untuk dibezakan

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fashion or Function?!


why did i buy a very expensive study lamp instead of the cheap one?

both of them can light up my desk.. both of them have the same function

why did i buy a HP Compaq instead of Acer?

well.. anyone knows why not Acer.. hahaha

why did i buy a 2000 kc matress instead of the 1000 kc one?

hmmm.. i began to sleep alot.. less study.. wake up late.. no more Tahjud prayer... late for my subuh prayer.. May Allah forgive me..

why did i buy a 2000 kc quiksilver sweater instead of the cheaper one?

i don't know.. it really keeps me warm though... well i think any cheaper sweater can keep me warm too..

why did i buy an N95 8 gig instead of 3310?

hmmm.. lot of function.. lot of software can be installed.. lot of space of course.. and since its media player is faster than my old N70 and its camera is 5 mp.. i dont have to buy any ipod or camera.. 

why did i buy a Dakine bag pack instead of any unfamous brand?

Hmmm.. i can't answer this.. huhu.. i juz like it.. although it was toooooo expensive!!

why did i buy a pair of Umbro futsal shoes (which i rarely used) instead of any cheaper shoes?

hmmm.. lust.. because i had a lot of TC at that time.. huhu

Alhamdulillah Allah have given me a lot of money.. a lot of rezeki.. but the portion that i've spent to myself is a lion's share.. when i start calculating, i realized that i dont really spent well my money for sadaqah or any charity.. 

if i want to compare with Prophet's sahabah, Abdul Rahman bin Auf:

  1. during expeditionary force to tabuk he gave 2000 dinar for the expedition and 2000 left for his family
  2.  He donated two hundred awqiyyah of gold whereupon Umar ibn al-Khattab said to the Prophet: 

    "I have (now) seen Abdur-Rahman committing a wrong. He has not left anything for his family." 

    "Have you left anything for your family, Abdur-Rahman?" asked the Prophet. 

    "Yes," replied Abdur-Rahman. "I have left for them more than what I give and better." "How much?" enquired the Prophet. 

    "What God and His Messenger have promised of sustenance, goodness and reward," replied Abdur-Rahman.

  3. When the Prophet, peace be on him, passed away, Abdur-Rahman took on the responsibility of looking after the needs of his family, the Ummahaat al-Muminin. He would go with them wherever they wanted to and he even performed Hajj with them to ensure that a ll their needs were met. This is a sign of the trust and confidence which he enjoyed on the part of the Prophet's family.
  4. Abdur-Rahman's support for the Muslims and the Prophet's wives in particular was well-known. Once he sold a piece of land for forty thousand dinars and he distributed the entire amount among the Banu Zahrah (the relatives of the Prophet's mother Aminah), the poor among the Muslims and the Prophet's wives. When Aishah, may God be pleased with her, received some of this money she asked: 

    "Who has sent this money?" and was told it was Abdur-Rahman, whereupon she said: 

    "The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: No one will feel compassion towards you after I die except the sabirin (those who are patient and resolute)."
  5. One day, a loud rumbling sound was heard coming from beyond the boundaries of Madinah normally a calm and peaceful city. The rumbling sound gradually increased in volume. In addition, clouds of dust and sand were stirred up and blown in the wind. The people of Madinah soon realized that a mighty caravan was entering the city. They stood in amazement as seven hundred camels laden with goods moved into the city and crowded the streets. There was much shouting and excitement as people called to one another to come out and witness the sight and see what goods and sustenance the camel caravan had brought. 

    Aishah, may God be pleased with her, heard the commotion and asked: "What is this that's happening in Madinah?" and she was told: "It is the caravan of Abdur-Rahman ibn Awl which has come from Syria bearing his merchandise." 

    "A caravan making all this commotion?" she asked in disbelief." 

    "Yes, O Umm al-Muminin. There are seven hundred camels." 

    Aishah shook her head and gazed in the distance as if she was trying to recall some scene or utterance of the past and then she said: 

    "I have heard the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, say: I have seen Abdur-Rahman ibn Awl entering Paradise creeping." 

    Why creeping? Why should he not enter Paradise leaping and at a quick pace with the early companions of the Prophet? 

    Some friends of his related to Abdur-Rahman the hadith which Aishah had mentioned. He remembered that he had heard the hadith more than once from the Prophet and he hurried to the house of Aishah and said to her: "Yaa Ammah! Have you heard that from the M essenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace?" 

    "Yes," she replied. 

    "You have reminded me of a hadith which I have never forgotten," he is also reported to have said. He was so over-joyed and added: 

    "If I could I would certainly like to enter Paradise standing. I swear to you, yaa Ammah, that this entire caravan with all its merchandise, I will giver sabilillah." 

    And so he did. In a great festival of charity and righteousness, he distributed all that the massive caravan had brought to the people of Madinah and surrounding areas.

Despite all of his great sadaqah which had stunned me, he also risked his blood and his soul in Badar and Uhud.

One day food was brought to him by his son Ibrahim, with which to end a fast. He looked at the food and said: 

"Musab ibn Umayr has been killed. He was better than me. We did not find anything of his to shroud him with except what covered his head but left his legs uncovered. Then God endowed us with the (bounties of) the world... I really fear that our reward has been bestowed on us early (in this world)." He began to cry and sob and could not eat.

Subhanallah.. This story really opened my eyes.. eventhough he was promised a paradise for him, he still scared and worried that his good deeds will be payed by Allah in this world.. He cried.. until he couldn't eat to break his fast..

What if Allah had repay all of my good deeds with money in this world? what will be left for me to be judged in the hereafter? Ya Allah.. please forgive me..  

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Greatest Experience

The greatest experience ever in my life was in form 3. it was during a motivation camp that was held in the outskirt of town, very far in a jungle, near a stream of river.

it all happen in one night...

the clock struck at 11 o'clock. according to the schedule, it was already our bedtime, but the facilitator didn't stop the programme and just continue with it. and luckily it ended at 11.30 pm. when all of us got out of the hall, i realized that all of the facilitator are gone, and they all took off from the camp site via their own vehicle. i was quite shocked at that time. and suddenly, 3 strangers stood up in front of our camp site. they wore caps on their head and with only the help of the moon and the street light, i can barely see their face, and i can only see their nose and mouth.. 

" i give you 5 minutes to get into your sport attire and get in the line!!!"

we were shocked and frightened, and all of us just ran to our camp and change our attire. and then we all gathered in front of the camp site and lined up.

the strangers gave each one of us an egg. AN EGG??!! what were they thinking? and what am i thinking right now? hmmm.. nothing. -still in shock mode-

then they asked us to guard the egg as if it was your life. we were then diveded into 3 groups and they brought us into the jungle only with help of the moon light and the strangers who had their torchlight with them. 

then suddenly, a girl in my group dropped her egg (luckily she didn't break the egg) and she was soooo scared to tell the stranger in front. i whispered to her to tell it to the stranger so that we can stop and pick up your egg. 


He heard us. then we kept our mouth shut and keep walking in the bushes. after several minute, the girl asked the stranger to stop and said that she dropped her egg.


we were all shocked and his voice echoed in the middle of the jungle. he was totally pissed off and he brought us back to the camp site. when we reached there, he started talking.

"You!" he pointed to my friend. "you were in the front line! you should know the status of your troop! one man down, and you kept it silence?! do you think it is a coincidence that you were put on the front line? YOU FAILED! not only you! your troops FAILED! all of the member are USELESS!"

after a minute of silence...

"If YOU were in a battle, YOU would have lost.. if YOU were in an organization, YOU would have collapsed.. if YOU were the government, THE COUNTRY WILL COLLAPSE!"

Then, he asked us to get ready to bed.

i couldnt sleep that night coz i was thinking what he said..


Thursday, January 22, 2009

kembali blogging.. back to blogspot..

Hye guys! action kamen is back!!

haha.. its been a while since i've written a blog.. the blue blogspot's dashboard really brings back the nostalgia of blogging sensation.. 

i was a blogger when im 16.. and at that time, none of my friends were bloggers.. and i was kinda acting like a kid.. and my previous posts were very2 childish.. eventhough i had experience in blogging.. but, im not really good at it. 

a little bit about me..

im a medic student.. currently studying in first faculty of medicine in charles university. never heard of it?? haha.. i never expect u to know it. my university lies in the central heart of europe, the CZECH REPUBLIC. (OMG.. i felt very awkward writing this coz im afraid my friend would read this. unlike the old days where anyone couldn't really tell what blog is about.. huhu). anyway, im currently in the first year. being a student with scholarship, is a wonderful gift by Allah swt but i must admit that being a student with the money of the people of my country, is sure not easy. there are lots of things that i need to do.

and my duties as a student are:

1)to study a lot and master my field 

as a muslim, study is a part of ibadah, and studying hard is a part of Jihad.

2) use my scholarship wisely... 

i really need to plan my money wisely.(eventhough i've wasted a lot of money for my personal purposes, i really need to change my lifestyle and may ALLAH forgive me). or else, i would be asked in the Judgement day,

                  "to what way have u spent your money?" 

and i know, i wont answer it according to my will, but my limbs, and mouth will speak for themselves, and i wont be able to tell a lie. 

That's all from me for the introduction..